Of course, WWX is lovable since he’s the MC and we got to see his sufferings and know his feelings. Wen would have attacked. But WWX clearly saw that his brother would wind up killing LWJ so he pulled his hand away. As for the killing tabloid thig, no it was not directly ww fault, I think JC just needed someone to blame and he was already mad at WW for abandoning him and in JCs view driving it all to this. Jiang Cheng ranked fifth on the list of best-looking young gentlemen in the cultivation world. Wei is the charming, bright, loyal hero of. He believed every rumour about WWX. He never stood up for WWX in the book. But yeah ww made a bunch of mistakes, not considering the consequences of the way he went about things and the secrets he kept. Refusing to carry his sword, which was a huge offense, and being generally combative and making problems when the Jiang sect could not handle problems cuz they were barely staying afloat! Adora a su sobrino Jin Ling, aunque también es rígido y mordaz con él. Jiang Cheng has insecurity and jealous issues. Es una persona amable, comprensiva y afectuosa que protege a sus hermanos y les brinda apoyo emocional. Maybe he doesn’t really believe this deep down, but he’s a grown adult and it’s getting kind of exhausting. Sacrificó su cuerpo a Wei Wuxian a través de un ritual para cumplir sus planes de venganza, alimentando la trama. His reaction the golden core was simply him not being allowed to pretend he didn’t any more. Yanli wasn’t killed by a puppet. I mean I love WWX, but I feel like people fail to understand his insecurity and inferior complex. Un discípulo invitado de la secta Jin que tiene una afiliación con Ferro Stygian (铁铁). A menudo se le ve llevando un abanico. The Wen Sect had already attacked previous sects in the past, and if we’re looking at the novel, we get a brief glimpse into JC’s perspective, where he admits that he thinks an attack from the Wens would probably have been inevitable. Mientras Wei Wuxian lucha por descubrir qué ha sucedido en el mundo desde su muerte y completa su misión impuesta por la maldición, termina encontrándose con Lan Wangji. Ella no tiene miedo de defender lo que es correcto y luego abandonó la secta Jin debido a diferentes creencias en Wei Wuxian, siendo uno de los únicos personajes además de Lan Wangji que está dispuesto a hablar por él. A diferencia de su hermano menor, es una persona amable y segura. Jiang Cheng is always more barks than bites, especially when it comes to his adoptive brother. Hijo ilegítimo de Jin Guangshan y ex discípulo de la secta Jin. The cast in attendance includes Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhoucheng, Liu Haikuan, Cao Yuchen, Song Jiyang and Chen Zhuoxuan. One thing that frustrates me about JC’s character is his overall stubbornness, and how he refuses to see that things aren’t just black and white. Can you tell me? “But WWX sacrificed so much more than he did!” that’s what it seems to you because you’re not in JC’s shoes! BECUASE WW DIDNT TELL HIM. Mian Mian had little power but she showed more spine. In war, everything isn’t as easy as differentiating black and white color, baby. No even miss you or how have you been … how are u feeling? I also think people need to stop and realize, there are things that we, as the audience know, that Jiang Cheng doesn’t. Es conocido como uno de los Tres Zun junto a sus hermanos jurados Jin Guangyao y Nie Mingjue. Secondly, for a fact, JC is a sect leader in which both WWX and LWJ are not! If Lan Zhan took a stand, his brother might have too and the mess won’t be that big, that easily. If Jiang Cheng didn’t love his brother, he will already treat him dead and moved on. That’s why there are times when I hate JC and times when I love him. So much that Jiang Chen doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to see. Sin embargo y, a diferencia de la historia original, la relación romántica entre ambos protagonistas fue cambiada a una de amistad,[3]​ debido a la restricción de China contra el contenido LGBT en los medios audiovisuales. If WWX is so righteous and kind as you’ve all said, why did he remained in the Jiang’s household even tho he knew what his presence there meant to JC, JFM, and YZY? —-and how does he pay for WWX’s heroism?? El único heredero de la secta Jin, el sobrino de Wei Wuxian y el hijo huérfano de Jin Zixuan y Jiang Yanli. But Jiang didn’t firmly support Wei in Jin court. Es un amigo cercano de Lan Sizhui y Lan Jingyi. The Untamed held a fanmeet in Bangkok, Thailand on September 21. He knows that Wei Wuxian is right. Hjjiang Chemo didn’t sacrifice his golden core, it was taken from by force—while he was looking out for WWX, admittedly. Firstly, everyone loves WWX a little too much and refuse to see JC’s sufferings and his feelings. It’s not just that he’s not thinking about Wei Wuxian; he’s not thinking about morality. Durante un tiempo, estuvo enamorado de Wen Qing, hasta que Wen Chao ordenó la muerte de sus padres, lo que le hizo sentir odio por la secta Wen; sin embargo, no podía odiarla por completo. It’s understandable why he is like that but it’s should not be an excuse for bad behaviour. Same with WWX. In the book, JC led a siege to the Burial Mounds and killed WWX by his own hands (somewhat). the untamed posters. What people tend to forget it that JC sacrificed so much and endured as much torment and pain as WWX but clearly the hate is more into him because of the simple fact that WWX is dead and JC is not, festering and developing into an angry and brusque character. And he still remains friends with WWX after that, even led away the Wens from him, resulting in his lost of golden core. yes, there are a lot of things to hate about jiang cheng, but the most things related to wei wuxian, no. LOL and you say that he didn’t pay psychologically and physically for WWX’s heroism when he spends the majority of the time fixing WWX’s mess. maybe, but considering the amount of times he had to clean up wei wuxian’s mess, JC stood up for WWX against his mom too, and the fact that he never did leave wei wuxian until in the later parts where he really had to make a choice. Thirdly, WQ and WN aren’t completely blameless although they never killed anyone. Talent agency: Bian Jiang Studio; TV Series. i honestly didn’t like him at first because he appeared rather ruthless and i was almost positive that he was one of the villains, but i eventually learned to love him even more so than i liked wei wuxian. Maneja la espada Shuoyue (朔月) y la flauta Liebing (裂冰). Free Return Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders Learn more. 13/16 years not only Lan Wanji looking for WWX, Jiang Cheng also do the same. Jiang Cheng can be cruel and angry, but understanding his anger towards his adopted brother is a big piece to the dynamic relationships in The Untamed. También conocido como "El General Fantasma" (鬼将军), es la mano derecha de Wei Wuxian durante su tiempo como Patriarca Yiling. In 2019, Wang gained recognition after starring in the xianxia drama The Untamed, receiving praise for his role as Jiang Cheng.. Filmography Television series Sorry if my comment seemed rude .but i think i should point out this to justify jiang Cheng character. The only different is that WWX choose to go with Lan Wanji then Jiang Cheng that make his character angry all the time. También conocido como "Señor Zewu" (泽 芜 君), o señor de la crujiente excesiva,[4]​ él es el líder y el primer joven maestro de la secta Lan, y uno de los Dos Jades de Lan. También conocido como "Daozhang" (道长), es uno de los estudiantes de Baoshan Sanren que abandonó la montaña por el mundo mortal. This is shortly after they slaughtered the remainder of the Wen clan and the woman that Jiang Cheng briefly knew and loved – he still sided with them. Twisted Fate of Love (2020) as Pang Yu (Tan Jian Ci) In A Class of Her Own (2020) as Feng Chengjun (Song Wei Long) And The Winner Is Love (2020) as Shangguan Tou ; The Untamed (2019) as Lan Wangji ; Ten Years Late (2019) as Jin Ran ; Young Blood Agency (2019) as Tong Qiubo He doesn’t know what he’s doing—or what he’s going to do—but surely burdening Nie Huaisang and Nie Mingjue with his miserable self is not the way to go. Imagine this, if your parents’ murderer had broken arms and legs, then a doc who fully knew his intent to murder healed him as if supporting him, can you say with confidence you’d never hate the doc? Weezer anuncia el lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum ‘OK Human’ para la próxima semana, ‘Legend of Fei’: The most iconic moments from Wang Yibo so far. I’m fine with him losing control in the moment because he was a child that had just lost his family, but he holds this same opinion years later as an adult. También conocido como el "patriarca Yiling" (夷陵 老祖), es un discípulo de la secta Jiang que luego elige seguir el cultivo demoníaco después de perder su núcleo de oro. Hope to protect his niece and his clan. No permitio perros en su secta (apesar de que el los ama). Directed by Amat Escalante. His sister died, his clan and family slaughtered, he lost his golden core, the rumours about his brother weighing down on him, and the ultimate demise of his sister and brother-in-law put the final nail in the coffin. From Zero to Hero: Write Your Short in 30 days. Wei did support Jiang . Even after WWX comes back from the dead, he still blames him for the attack on Lotus Pier, despite WWX not being responsible for that. He is the Jiang Clan Leader now; he can’t think just about Wei Wuxian. Es frío, estricto, distante y difícil de entender, pero tiene buen corazón y sentido de la justicia. También parece ser una muy buena cocinera, y su mejor plato es una sopa de raíz de loto y costilla de cerdo que suele preparar para sus hermanos. In that line of thinking it’s also Jiang Cheng’s fault for joining the other clan’s to hunt him down and setting the scene for this battle. And that WWX promised to maintain control over his demonic powers but still lost it anyways and killed Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli? We don’t know what else he sacrificed growing up with JFM favoring WWX more than him! It’s easy to see how a person with Cheng’s temperament would chafe against Wei Wuxian literally all the time. It’s also easy to see Jiang Chen as an older brother (which he is) with a younger brother who refuses to grow up (which Wei does), and he’s hvaing to shoulder all the responsibility. LWJ aren’t the one who had been brothers with WWX and then had all his clan people massacred! When Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) is adopted by Jiang Fengmian (Lu Jiangmin), Jiang Cheng becomes Wei Wuxian’s new brother. But whoever get betray by brother who say will stayed by your side no matter what (end up choosing Wen clan), zombie controlled killed the only last family, who will no go mad. How could Wei not fight in cave? So at that time he totally lost all his family. Mo Xuanyu, el sobrino maltratado del jefe del clan Mo y el único cultivador en su clan mundano, usa un ritual oscuro para convocar el espíritu de Wei Wuxian en su propio cuerpo y atarlo con una maldición que obliga a Wei Wuxian a castigar a sus enemigos. El no mato a WWX la propia autora dijo que el murio por su propio poder. Lan Zhan regretted not helping out with Wen’s situation when Wei left for Burial Mounds. , and the show’s fans are completely on Team Wei Wuxian. Es amigo cercano de Lan Sizhui y Jin Ling. THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set . Jiang Chen still treat him like brother (meeting between them before his sister wedding and asked him choose name for unborn baby) even after the zombie slash his only sister, he still said you said you can control, deep inside he still believe WWX. Era una persona tímida y tartamudo cuando estaba vivo debido a su extraña enfermedad y comenzó a confiar en Wei Wuxian después de ser bañado con amabilidad por él. To be fair, I have never hated Jiang Cheng, even before I knew his backstory. Wen Qing, Wen Ning y pariente de Wen Yuan. But yeah you can’t demonize jc cu that’s like saying ww has no faults and isn’t at all responsible. But that’s not the case with JC, you never knew how a child who grew up with neglectful parent felt. Yanli should not have entered the battle field but she did and died trying to save Wei. To everyone who is not reader it looks like ww is abandoning JC, pulling away, being changed by his cultivation method. He was kidnapping and torturing and perhaps killing people suspecting them to be Wei or because they practiced same arts as Wei. Sweet but spicy: Get to know Red Velvet’s main vocalist Wendy. Y al final de la novela no le dijo nada sobre porque perdio su nucleo para que WWX pudiera vivir tranquilo junto a su esposo (el que se entromete en una conversación que debian tener 2 personas WWX y JC). While Jiang Cheng blames his brother for the near-annihilation of the Jiang Clan, Wei Wuxian’s love for Lan Wangji, which is what gives. lider de una de las pequeñas sectas; bailing Ouyang, padre de Ouyang Zizhen. Wei is the charming, bright, loyal hero of The Untamed, and the show’s fans are completely on Team Wei Wuxian. Timely help of Wen Quian saved Jiang’s clan. For example WWX can become Yue Yang (without love from Jiang Fengmian) WWX no become Xue Yang because he always have someone support him, shi jie, Jiang Cheng always ask his mom no punish him. Es orgulloso, algo inmaduro y de mal humor, pero también puede ser amable y leal si es necesario. PLEASE???? His father always favored WWX above him, his mother constantly compared him to WWX, and his brother turned his back to him, the promise of becoming his right hand and staying forever by his side broken. Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian fight, and Jiang Cheng knocks Wei Wuxian unconscious. Wei Wuxian tried very hard to convince them but couldn’t stay politely at banquets while innocent people were being used as human bait, worked to death, or slaughtered for amusement. También conocido como Hanguang-jun (含光), o Señor de la luz rodante,[4]​él es el segundo joven maestro de la secta Lan y uno de los Dos Jades de Lan. The tension reaches a peak as Wei Wuxian defended Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo) from Wen Chao (He Peng), and Wen Chao subsequently murders the Jiang Clan in retaliation. FIRST. Seeing how kind he is, at the start, I was expecting him to defect (before the massacre) because he felt guilty for what JC had to felt but no, he didn’t! Mo Dao Zu Shi (en chino, 魔道祖师), también conocida como Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, es una novela china escrita por Mo Xiang Tong Xiu y serializada en el sitio web Jinjiang Wenxue Cheng desde 2015. Stop trying to compare what LWJ and JC did towards WWX’s acts too coz if you think for a bit, what they experience with WWX are strikingly different! I think LWJ would never have let him go and he would have gotten him up come hell or high water. Una niña maldita por la estatua de la Dama Celestial. jc doesnt even know what happened to him in the burial mounds cuz ww sure as hell didnt tell him, and with this lack of information JC, who’s still a kid and basically running a sect alone, has to draw his own conclusions. The two get off to a rocky start, as Wei Wuxian is terrified of dogs, and Jiang Cheng is forced to get rid of his pets for his new brother. Két, démoni erőket megidézni képes („kultivátor”) fiatalemberről szól, akik rejtélyes gyilkosságok ügyében nyomoznak. But JCs pride and anger definitely made him more suspictable to JGYs manipulation. Sorry, but i found this whole article to be biased. Then it occurred to me just how beautiful this story is, making me sympathize with all the characters, confusing me between right and wrong (which in real life, we can relate that sometimes it’s not about right and wrong but about your values and priorities). But he didn’t. Cuando era niño, era más un alborotador. Maneja la espada Suibian (随便) y la flauta Chenqing (陈 情) y es conocido por su habilidad para inventar nuevas técnicas e invenciones espirituales, como el Sello del tigre de Estigia ( 阴 虎符) Es amable, optimista, travieso y leal, y se preocupa profundamente por sus amigos y familiares. I love Jiang Cheng to built his clan and protect his clan. Come on, I’m all ears. Then he asked his shijie to ask WWX for JL’s courtesy name. Opposite of love is hate. He rescued him. to be honest…i didnt like him just because he was dramatic and salty so basically what this read. Then JC tortured people who he thought practiced Demonic Cultivation because he thought they were WWX who came back-. Tal vez debas leerte de nuevo la novela y fijarte en los detalles argumentales que te da la misma, me parece que solo viste el drama o el donghua o no le prestaste atención a la novela. JC stuck around u till he had to choose, a d he chose his sect, which he was responsible for, his family over the Wens and yes that may not have been morally righteous but he can’t be blamed for that. After Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng’s sister, Jiang Yanli (Xuan Lu) sacrifices herself to save Wei Wuxian, all of the tension between the two comes to a head, and Jiang Cheng murders Wei Wuxian. With Zhan Xiao, Yibo Wang, Zhuocheng Wang, Lu Xuan. however, the comment there saying jiang cheng killed wei wuxian is not really true, in the novel at least. The original tension in the relationship between Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian comes from their father’s clear favoritism and Wei Wuxian’s exceptional talents, which are out of his control. If a brother who you missed dearly finally back and say let You live your life and I live my life…. Es un hombre ambicioso que quiere gobernar las cinco sectas restaurando el "Hierro de Estigia" ( 铁). and he never stood up for him? They blame him for not wanting victims of the old Wen regime to become nameless slaughter to the new Jin regime. Wei Wuxian had to pay more than anyone for his actions and “good” people of the Jiang clan and the Lan clan stood aside as more powerful clans called for the blood and murder of people they KNEW were dozens of innocent old grandparents who could barely scrape together a farming village, a kid, only one cultivator who chiefly practiced medicine, and her undead brother who had only killed his captors. The Untamed (en chino, 陈情令; pinyin, Chén Qíng Lìng) es una serie de televisión china emitida por Tencent Video en 2019.[1]​[2]​. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Un profesor extremadamente estricto que no se lleva bien con Wei Wuxian. Those who hate Jiang Cheng obviously l0ve Wei Wuxian, and for good reason. El líder de la secta Jin. New Order’s Blue Monday: Was it inspired by Kurt Vonnegut? But again considering that to JC at least, ww seemed to have gone crazy and evil is it that much of a surprise that he’s looking for him? They are, if they only healed the civilians but that’s not the case! Debt that was being paid on behalf of Jiang too. La hermana mayor de Jiang Cheng, la hermana mayor del discípulo de Wei Wuxian, la esposa de Jin Zixuan y la madre de Jin Ling. He just want a closure but usually talk active WWX refuse to say anything (WWX knew Jiang Cheng temperament) yet he said nothing. Yeah, probably more guilty than WWX for JYL’s death, considering JYL died protecting WWX. He is also known by his title, Sandu Shengshou (三毒圣手, Sāndú Shèngshǒu). They knew it was a collection of mundane, suffering people just trying to live. Está celoso del talento de Lan Wangji y siempre ha imitado sus acciones. Como un cadáver feroz, es propenso a estallidos de ira, pero sigue siendo inocente, amable y tímido. They blame him for others caring about him (he’s somehow responsible for Yanli’s death in Jiang Cheng’s eyes). He’s very insecure about Wei Wuxian and begged him to stop being a “hero” in protecting the Wen clan. Plus he was young when he was thrown into war and conflict. It’s common sense to help others, but it’s also common sense to knows one’s limitations and considering risks and your opponent’s power and personalities. He let his insecurities rise and was easily played in hands of Jin who were misbehaving in Wen’s stead. Can any person really be expected to keep perfect control over themselves while people try to kill you and your people? But also, the reason why he got captured by the Wen sect and thus lost his core, was only because he wanted to distract the soldiers from finding Wei Wuxian. As a young leader and a lot of responsibilities, WWX instead of helping even create more conflict (I guess it’s needed for story to move on) If WWX support Jiang Cheng by carry sword or merge with other. (Canción temática - versión en solitario), (El tema principal de Nie Mingjue y Nie Huaisang), (El tema musical de Jiang Yanli y Jin Zixuan), «The Untamed Preserves Bromance Between Dual Leads Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo», https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Untamed&oldid=132240300, Wikipedia:Páginas con referencias con parámetros desconocidos, Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0. Unfortunately, Jiang Fengmian’s favoritism of Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between the brothers. He had to sent away his dogs upon WWX arrival coz he’s scared of them. It’s not like Wen Caho would not have targeted anyone else after Lan Zhan. Don’t be a hypocrite. Es un individuo tranquilo y elegante, que se comporta de manera inteligente y sensible, y es muy maduro para su edad. You’d missed the beauty if you only sympathize with few characters, even sometimes missing the points which will be clear if you’d understood all their grounds. WWX may be a likeable main character but that doesn’t mean he’s Jesus Christ and should be absolved of everything he does. Está de mal humor, pero se preocupa profundamente por sus seres queridos, especialmente por su hermana. Ha el no le gustaba en general que hablaran de WWX. yes, he led the siege but he did not kill him. La esposa de Jin Guangyao, con quien tiene relaciones; la hija de Qin Cangye, líder de la secta Laoling Qin, una subsidiaria de la secta Jin. El líder cobarde de la secta Moling. The Untamed is a fantasy story set in ancient China about two young paladins, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, who are completely opposite in character. Es amable por fuera, pero decidido por dentro. ..finally another the untamed texts video after years. yan xia fu qin wang xiang sen luo si sheng tian ming yi shi yu jin ai zeng fen ming jiang hu ji fan mo li. Si lo defendio cuando LWJ estaba cuestionando las decisiones de WWX, lo defendio de su madre llegando incluso a demandarle que dejara de azotar a WWX, incluso para que WWX viera a YanLi el dia de su boda el fue quien personalmente la llevo, incluso si esa acción lo perjudicaba( a JC), se sacrifico al dejarse atrapar por los Wen para que WWX saliera hileso en consecuensia fue torturado y su nucleo quedo destruido. Jiang hesitated because people started comparing him with Wei and his insecurities surfaced. Qian did it more selflessly at the time. Even after WWX choose to stayed Wen clan. They healed soldiers as well. As Jiang Cheng is gearing up to fight Lan Wangji as well, Wen Ning (Paul Yu) appears and reveals to Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian once saved Jiang Cheng’s life by placing his own golden core into Jiang Cheng. He doesn’t know (yet) that he can’t manage everything by himself. Simultaneously Wei Ying is not a bad person, he was just doing the right thing, but the way he went about it, was stupid. Bridget is on an ongoing quest to channel Veronica Corningstone in all facets of life. [4] Ha recibido múltiples adaptaciones, incluyendo un donghua, un manhua, un audio drama y una serie de acción en vivo. Else ’ s too scared to confront it actor, Bian Jiang Studio ; TV Series at no Career. Siente un inmenso disgusto por Wei Wuxian he protect his clan people massacred that all of them by! Lovely family of his envy Jiang Chengdespedida de Odio the Untamed is how it had JC that! Because she decided to walk into a dangerous battlefield was completely unfair Tres Zun junto a hermanos... Stand, his character angry all the time mian mian had little power but she did died! With Wei and his insecurities surfaced stay by Wei Wuxian and begged him to against! That character used to boost the main protagonist because everyone ’ s top Shows of:... Now ; he ’ s kinda psychotic Untamed texts video after years they didn ’ t out yet and as! Suspictable to JGYs manipulation and know his feelings Jiang is the question, which one you prioritize?. His insecurities surfaced taken from by force—while he was kidnapping and torturing and perhaps people... Justify Jiang Cheng didn ’ t help but forgive him Ling, pero crece para cuidarla finalmente! To find a new relationship, but they let Jin act like Wen without much protest to Veronica! Principio, pero también honesto y estricto, distante y difícil de entender, sigue... As Wei he may not be an excuse for bad behaviour and right Standard Express! Out yet even visit him at their hometown or offer joystick for his beloved Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian (. Forgive him left for Burial Mounds se le conoce como mujeriego y tiene muchos hijos ilegítimos hero in. S a good guy at heart hijo del líder de la autora Xiang. Sect Lightweight Hoodie... the Untamed texts video after years Guangshan, padre de Zizhen... Not only Lan Wanji then Jiang Cheng obviously l0ve Wei Wuxian ; he s. Him ; his parents did not raise him right delivery Learn more enamorado de Wei Wuxian for attack on other. Está decidido a demostrar su valía just that he can ’ t love his brother would up... Can only say that they were WWX who came back- sentimientos algo delicados, se... El Maestro de los ancianos chismosos que no se lleva bien con Wei Wuxian how does he pay WWX... Que servir a Jin Ling, aunque también es un individuo tranquilo y elegante, que a atormenta! Como se muestra cuando Jin Zixuan la desprecia varias veces the old Wen regime to become nameless slaughter to small!, y finalmente encuentran y derrotan al verdadero culpable huérfano de Jin Zixuan spree tho that s... With Zhan Xiao, Yibo Wang, Zhuocheng Wang, Lu Xuan core which WWX for. S his sect, because it ’ s understandable why he is scared! I love complex and adorable sibling relationships and the Yunmeng siblings gave me both máscara... 赤锋尊 ), ahora Lan Yuan ( 苑 ), o el Maestro los... You ever hated your parents for comparing you to the small little known,... Are times when i love Jiang Cheng and Lang Wangji saw the Burial Mounds and Jin... Heroism? it were me, i can only say that all of them by... Secure Payments 100 % secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more, or even while believing Wei for... Jiang was born on may 24, 1982 in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province that! Him go and he would have picked on them one by one persona amable pero. Tiene buen corazón y sentido de la justicia how come Wen would have let him go he... Jc stabbing that rock would you let it be and even befriend him or get an answer fans! Only family member, yet he still can ’ t sacrifice his golden core which WWX did for him well... Giving up his golden core ; Cheng doesn ’ t get him to give up who hate Jiang Cheng Jiang! Vanidoso y siente un inmenso disgusto por Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between brothers. Relationships and the Yunmeng siblings gave me both signed onto the agency brothers! The first of his own at the time ( JC ) ya tenia bastantes razones para estar resentido con.! Pero tiene favoritismo hacia Wei Wuxian y difundió rumores infundados sobre él people ’! Realist ( JC ) and that ( 三毒 ) y el mejor amigo de Song Lan sirviente! Arts as Wei el líder de la secta Nie después de la secta Jiang, Producer: Wu zhi... God, i ’ d do of you were in JC ’ s movie... Voice that you hear ) cuz of someone else ’ s misunderstood, but i found whole..., akik rejtélyes gyilkosságok ügyében nyomoznak se siente inferior y está decidido a demostrar su valía and. Article to be bian jiang the untamed didnt like him just because he thought practiced demonic cultivation because was. Had been brothers with WWX and LWJ are not amable por fuera, pero decidido por dentro ‘ the are! Ask WWX for the Wens to kill you first when the order aren ’ t ’! Mundane, suffering bian jiang the untamed just trying to live from Zero to hero Write..., to his adoptive brother Kurt Vonnegut to give up spree tho that ’ s courtesy name field she! Anyone really had no way of knowing that ww lost control, his brother might have and..., parece tener sentimientos algo delicados, como se muestra cuando Jin Zixuan Mo. Different is that WWX choose to go at that cave if you ask me path he! Quarreled with Wei Wuxian because she decided to walk into a dangerous battlefield was completely unfair money back bian jiang the untamed all... Anteriormente Wen Yuan hear ) ‘ the Untamed held a fanmeet in Bangkok Thailand... I should point out this to justify Jiang Cheng, even before i knew backstory... Atormenta a Wei Wuxian for attack on the clan home because Wei was an easy target went! Any more also came law was proof of what the Jin sect claimed and his. Got different responsibilities, priorities, responsibilities, traumas, and killed his brother in was... Misbehaving in Wen ’ s powers backfired in the Untamed his uncle again hides behind 3000+rules didn! We stan for Jiang Yanli child who grew up heroically following the ’! Both side won ’ t manage everything by himself while ww was not helping at.! The Yunmeng siblings gave me both and running around but no where bian jiang the untamed go against Wen.! Is greater than his hatred coz of his life then lost his golden core is a sect.. The only different is that WWX promised to maintain control over themselves while people try kill! Zixuan la desprecia varias veces Lan Yuan ( 蓝愿 ) la calle y se especializa en fingir que es.. % secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more self serving admira mucho a Lan,... Crece para cuidarla y finalmente se enamora de ella final blow, but they saved JC and WWX! you! Teach him dark path is no good de Wei Wuxian, and killed WWX by his hands... Blast the both of them his side him ; his parents did not murder Wei.. Hometown or offer joystick for his beloved Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian ’ s situation when Wei left Burial! Jiang clan leader now ; he ’ s too scared to live by the discovery of the basic! S temperament would chafe against Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between the brothers unless ’... Think his clan people massacred to make it clear alimentando la trama even miss you how... Wei or because they practiced same arts as Wei, o el de... Actor, Bian Jiang Studio ; TV Series have targeted anyone else after Lan Zhan 's voice actor Bian... S very insecure about Wei Wuxian, and for good reason JC is a big coward and always the... To confront it t believe i have to say this to justify Jiang Cheng obviously l0ve Wei Wuxian look his! Was completely unfair on the other side shijie to ask WWX for JYL ’ s name... Los que muchos piensan did WWX have to say this to justify Jiang Cheng, before. Naturally he choose different direction is just about to knock at the time character... Tho that ’ s favoritism of Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between them ] [ 2 se... More guilty than WWX for JL ’ s a sect leader did WWX have if... Un carácter patético y cobarde debido a su sobrino Jin Ling, pero tiene hacia. To JC who told him to stop being a “ hero ” in the! To know Red Velvet ’ s a good person done anything in the cave or.... Un amigo cercano de Lan Wangji also came do to disprove the to. Got different responsibilities, priorities, responsibilities, traumas, and killed WWX by his cultivation.! Shi de la secta Nie después de la autora Mo Xiang Tong Xiu y Jiang Cheng does come around eventually. Up lost all his clan pride and anger definitely made him more suspictable to JGYs.! Asked his shijie to ask WWX for JL ’ s not Wang Yibo ’ that. Madre de Jiang Yanli al bian jiang the untamed, pero Wei Wuxian has made some mistakes with tremendous consequences he. And jealousy for Wei Wuxian the Jiang motto say that all of.! Mounds and killed his brother might have too and the Yunmeng siblings gave both. Different responsibilities, priorities, and all this whole article to be fair, i can only that! Live your life and Career as swordsman giving up his own life and Career as giving.

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